Outdoor Deck

Deck Flooring in Chennai

Deck Click unique modular design is quick to install and easily customizable for irregular floor designs, challenging corners and uneven base.The DIY customization can be achieved by sawing off excess material to accomodate perfect fit.

STAGE 1 : Measure the floor surface intending to be covered (length and width dimensions). Input the measurements into Deck Clic Modular available in this website to derive at estimated units of Deck Clic needed.

STAGE 2 : Installation of Deck Clic should commence from the outer most corner of the intended area.Lay the first module and attach an adjacent module by affixing the linking pins into the solts of the previous unit.

STAGE 3 : Follow stage 2 assembly instruction consecutively, until the entire intended area has been covered effectively.

STAGE 4 : The tiles are ready for surface finishing. The floor must be coated with decking oil immediately after laying; if this is not done, the wood could oxidize, turning grey or darken in color.

STAGE 5 : To customise Deck Clic for irregular corners, simply cut the module onto desired shape using handsaw or circular saw. Factory fitted screws are to be removed prior to the cutting of the module and should be replaced at appropriate slots on the remaining area subsequently, to ensure that all wooden area are firmly attached to the base.