Artificial Turf


Easy Maintenance for Commercial and Residential

As a perfect alternative to natural grass, Limonta's artificial turf easy to install and maintain. Surfaces are durable enough to withstand high traffic and exposure to the sun and adverse weather conditions. The infill stays firmly in place, creating a soft, beautiful surface that stays green all year long and doesn't require mowing or watering.

Organic, Odourless and Non-toxic

Limonta's artificial turf makes use of recycled, organic materials and uses low-energy,cooler,more efficientproduction methods to save time and cost.There is less environmental disruption during installation and easy options for removal of materials at the end of an installation's lifetime.

Safe for Children and Pets

With playing surfaces that are softer, impact-absorbing,cooler,odor-free and non-toxic, Limonta's artificial turf is the new standard in safety for synthetic turf. Unlike other infill alternatives, ther is no risk of ingesting harmful chemicals from recycled industrial materials and other plastics containing lead.Geo Safe Play'sturf is much more pleasant for walking, sitting and playing.